SIP Cohort 2 Opportunity 1: Regen Web3 Educational/Research Funnel

Supermodular’s purpose is to cultivate a more regenerative digital frontier. One of our essential intents is to explore, catalog, and communicate value in the digital frontier.

Next cycle, we need a web3 onboarding funnel that equips ppl with the right knowledge (not your keys, not your coins), routes ppl past the scams, and plants them at a regen DAO. As we’ve been exploring how to do this, I’ve started to map out the various educational materials we’ve produced in terms of 101 level (beginner) to 701 level (expert level). (you can checkout the books available here or the podcast here)

Here is that mapping:

Opportunities I see here, by having a complete funnel from beginner to educational will:

  1. Help people get oriented in crypto
  2. Help them avoid rugs + find Regen Crypto
  3. Learn about where the value opportunities are in web3 ourselves (which is a positive externality to the rest of the supermodule portfolio)

TLDR I think there is a large opportunity here to

  1. route people towards more regen opportunities in the space by having a beachhead at the top of the funnel that routes them down the regen funnel.
  2. explore, catalog, and communicate to the other supermodules where valuable opportunities are.

the books

  • how to dao book - top of funnel, gives everyone the 101 level info they need
  • comics - educational/fun way to teach about the “why” of crypto.
  • infinite garden coloring book - artistic way to teach about the “why” of crypto.
  • stuff only crypto ogs know book - 301 level resource
  • greenpilled - advanced resource about the deep promise of crypto
  • impactdao book - directory of the diff impactdaos out there.
  • pluriverse guide - see for yourself at

the projects in this opportunity bucket:

How the projects in this opportunity bucket create positive externalities to the rest of the supermodules.

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Impulses that might lead ppl into the regen web3 funnel:

  1. I need a career
  2. I need a professional network, but one my age/generation
  3. I need hope.
  4. I need purpose/meaning.

The book Four Hour Workweek had the tagline “Escape your boss, work on what you love, become an owner, and join the new rich”. What should the How to DAO book tagline be?

  1. “Explore, build friendships, make money, find yourself”?
  2. “Be an internet pioneer “
  3. Define the future of work on your own terms… and work on a mission/something you care about

When I think about the people around me, myself and everyone I want to onboard with me, I think it should point out these hot topics:

  1. Old models are dysfunctional, nothing that old generations build is working for us anymore.
  • Look at the world with fresh eyes, you have the power to change the systems you are in
  1. We are hopeless, we don’t trust governments, institutions, or each other anymore
  • Build new models around the values and empower them with the new system design
  1. Don’t become an object of people’s ego
  • Have your voice in the space, be in a space that aims to be egalitarian, and decentralized by design.
  1. We spent all of our time and energy on meaningless things to earn money, maintain a lifestyle and pay our bills. Some of us don’t even discover what they really passionate about. We are living in a society that values only the result and success = money and status
  • Spend your time, the most valuable asset, on what you are really passionate about. Have an opportunity to build in creative economies, earn through what you create while contributing to the design of new economies and pluralist, non-materialistic values
  1. We don’t have the time and space that we can discover our true passions by reaching out to capital if our environment hasn’t provided that for us
  • Participate in online communities, and build your community. Discover, learn and earn with the people you met in the space that have similar motives.

So the main pain points of these people are outdated models, hopelessness, hierarchy/culture of fear in organizations (discouraging to question and reform the rules), meaningless work, meaningless lifestyle to conform, doing/discovering what you are passionate about is not logical in terms of return of investment if you are not in a privileged group in society.

Here is this point in meme form:


Prompt: how do we help newbies to the industry avoid being the person on the left + (if they stick around in the industry) become the person on the right?


Haha, acted on the last three impulses and it took me to 1 :smiley:
Cool way if seeing things tbh :eye_in_speech_bubble:

As someone who recently left their corporate job and is looking for ways to get involved in the Impact DAO space these impulses resonated with me super strongly.

Also wanted to share some of my experience as someone working their way through this “funnel” and currently struggling and considering giving up.
I have been following closely Ethereum / Web3 / ReFi for a while now and decided to take a big gamble by leaving my job and trying to work for several ReFi / Impact DAOs. I joined loads of Discords, tried to get involved in conversations and joined calls but haven’t managed to get any further. I hear advice to hang around in the Discords and work and opportunities to collaborate will come but with so many DAOs I struggle to know which I am most likely to be able to work with and where to focus my time and efforts.
I’m strongly considering going back and getting a job back in my previous industry, I’ve got bills to pay and struggling to see a future contributing to DAOs full time.

The main struggle from my end has been working out what contributions DAOs need, how much they are likely to pay for those contributions and then who can help you get involved and guide your first few pieces of work for the DAO.

Not looking for advice just wanted to share my experience if it will help us help people getting out the last stage of that funnel into being active DAO contributors!

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