SIP Cohort 2 Opportunity 6: vive la sybil resistance!

Sybil resistence is A Building Block for a Better Internet

Right now, the DAO ecosystem is built around one-token-one-vote or one-cpu-one-vote schemes.

With Proof of Personhood, the ecosystem could move to DAOs built on one-human-one-vote. This unlocks use cases like:

  • quadratic funding
  • quadratic voting
  • Gini coefficient measurements
  • UBI
  • one-person-one-vote DAOs
  • data collectives
  • sybil resistant airdrops
    • other use cases we haven’t discovered yet!

Gitcoin has released a money lego for creating more sybil resistence in web3 called Gitcoin Passport.

The aim of this supermodule would be to build valuable tools on top of (and around this) this protocol.

The design space here is somewhat complex, but also very high upside. For more on this design space, checkout this devcon talk: 1 Human 1 Vote Money Legos :soon: More Democratic DAOs :brick::handshake::sparkles: by Kevin Owocki | Devcon Bogotá

Some ideas that could be built can be found here


one thing id like to see is a dashboard of sybil attackers, a data science tool that allows you to view whats going on with your passport installation, and remediate accordingly.

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id love to see a nicky case ( The Evolution of Trust ) style game that teaches people about the infinite game of sybil resistence


another opportunity would be to get more out of POAPs for sybil resistence

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another idea would be to build a brightid aura like tool but for gitcoin grants

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another build idea:

a soulbound nft / did explorer - a tool to visualize/explore the value from soulbound tokens or dids without having to do much coding.

could be useful as a standalone tool, but also make it easy for group like the Gitcoin Fraud Defense team to search for new anti sybil data signals

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another passport build idea:

Scoring algorithm showcase site - an inventory of all of the different scoring algorithms built into gitcoin passport, allows people to find the best ones, fork them, or implement them.

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another one: mobile-friendly passport reader. enable easy passport integration to mobile experiences.

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  • Easy Sign in With Ethereum UI module for passport/sybil resistence
  • Ability to put encrypted PII in the passport (email, IP address) that can be shared with FDD
  • implement Upala on Passport

another idea: let me easily stake my DAOs governance token on peoiple to bootstrap a web of trust around sybil resistence in my ecosystem

would need a way to dispute the anti-sybilness of people via Kleros-like mechanism (though not Kleros, bc I dont think it makes sense for Kleros governance token to govern my own dao’s sybil resistence)

more ideas

  1. 1 human 1 vote dao scaffold.eth template
  2. 1 human 1 vote UBI streaming DAO in a scaffold.eth template
  3. a quadratic voting dao scaffold.eth template
  4. but with ppl who are sybil resistant
  5. Undercollateralized loans but only for ppl who have x regen rating.

antoher one: Build HoneyPot.Money on Gitcoin Passport · Issue #282 · gitcoinco/skunkworks · GitHub

Another idea:

Find some way to constrain Sybil resistance to only those applications that demand it. As we must.

e.g. democratic process, wealth distribution.

Hey Kevin,

I spent some time doing a Sybil-resistant DAO onboarder App using DAOHaus tooling, MolochV3, BrightID & some dev ideas borrowed from the Gitcoin passport team to implement on-chain credential verficiation. Here’s a demo

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Hi there frens!!

We would love to partake in building this opportunity!!

Currently exploring ideas to build our own frontend to Gitcoin Passport. Love the ideas above, love finding likeminded peeps. Sybil resistance will be the theme of 2023 and a holy grail of web3. We gotta make sure it stays open source. Love the idea of supermodular public good.

Another idea: Integrate “aliveness” into sybil resistance, e.g. a passport that expires and has to be renewed, or by adding aliveness-certifying POAPs / SBTs. Would help with reducing zombie accounts of dead people, reducing the payment of X-to-earn and UBI to people that no longer live.

lot of exciting ideas here, I have seen worldcoin for eg use zk tech to generate a hash which can be verified not sure of the exact details but if we can implement a sybil resistance protocol on chain where we create a hash based on a proof of a person and verify that on chain

“if we can implement a sybil resistance protocol on chain where we create a hash based on a proof of a [physical] person and verify that on chain” then we will be well down the road of reifying the corporeal at the expense of the informational person (mind), and so polluting the lived experience of everyone regimented by this innovation.

Sybil resistance matters ONLY when Sybil resistance matters: e.g. democratic process and wealth distribution. In many other contexts it’s both unnecessary and damaging to community, to society.

While we work towards Sybil resistance today, left unconstrained, we will find ourselves trying to engineer a way out of it by the end of this decade. And if you think engineering for Sybil resistance is hard, wait until you try to engineer out of it once it’s manifest.