GreenPill episode drop: David Phelps!

A new episode of GreenPill is out today with David Phelps!

Crypto OG and multi-time DAO founder David Phelps joins Kevin to dig deep into interoperable systems, proper incentive alignment for builders, and how critics of Web3 have more merit than some may believe.

David Phelps is the founder of JokeDAO, EcoDAO, as well as CowFund. He shares his expertise as we muse about the next stages of our ecosystem and what it’ll take before we deserve another bull market.

Listen to the episode on your podcast platform of choice or here on YouTube:

For someone who doesn’t specifically research questions of digitalising human identity (to my knowledge), David Phelps has a comparatively well-developed appreciation for the horrific dangers of the systemic ‘thingification’ of people, for designing with the presumption that legibility to the system — centralised or decentralised — has primacy.

I’m not so convinced about his reference to assembling pseudonymous profiles (“the more you contribute to a single record, as an identity, the more power you’re getting.”) Unfortunately, as such a record grows, the more likely it is to be ‘polluted’ by bureaucratic (e.g. legal) identity, intentionally or accidentally. The ‘thingification’ is the problem, not especially the intent with which ‘thingification’ is approached.

Here’s a link to the segment in question.