GreenPill episode drop: Gitcoin Alpha Round | Janine Leger, Connor O'Day, and Nate Gosselin

A new episode of GreenPill is out today on the Gitcoin Alpha Round | Janine Leger, Connor O’Day, and Nate Gosselin!!

The Gitcoin Alpha Round is live! Today, we’re discussing the Gitcoin Grants decentralized Alpha Round. This is a quadratic funding round hosted by Gitcoin on the completely new modular protocol, built by Gitcoin.

Janine Leger and Connor O’Day join from Gitcoin Partnerships Team, while Nate Gosselin is coming from Gitcoin’s Product Team.

Tune in to find out more about the $1 Million Web3 funding round, taking place from January 17th-31st. Git involved!

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