GreenPill episode drop: Venkatesh Rao on the Summer of Protocols!

A new episode of GreenPill is out today with Venkatesh Rao on the Summer of Protocols!

Everything is a protocol. But which will be passed on to our descendants?

Venkatesh Rao is a published author and consultant who holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan and writes the Ribbonfarm Blog. Venkatesh has published a new paper entitled The Unreasonable Sufficiency of Protocols with coauthors Tim Beiko, Danny Ryan, Josh Stark, Trent Van Epps, and Bastian Aue.

The Summer of Protocols program is an 18 week (primarily) virtual course from May-August which is designed to help fund a set of full-time core researchers and part-time affiliate researchers to think in the broadest possible terms about protocols and advance thinking of protocols as a category.
Today, Kevin and Venkatesh go deep to explore this.

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