OODA Loops for fun & profit 🔁

Lots to :heart: when it comes to all things OODA!

I’d like to add a couple of points to your post here.

The first is Boyd’s subsequent redrawing of the loop. The loop dynamic is still present (with iteration a core feature of all living processes) but the intervening linear progression from O to O to D to A is suitably dismantled. There is a concurrency. There are multiple concurrent information flows, feedback, corresponding to embedded, embodied, extended, distributed and collective cognition.

The main contemporary criticism of Boyd’s final work is its failure to recognise the criticality of time and energy. More accurately, it’s appreciated that Boyd understood their role but didn’t get so far as proposing their integration.

With a deep influence from Snowden’s Cynefin, Brian Revera has published a couple of interesting posts this year: