What could you build with a sybil resistance money lego?

Say, that you had an API that could tell you whether someone is a unique human or not. Such an API would abstract away all of the complexity of doing so.

What could you build with a sybil resistance money lego?

What would you build with it?


My running list:

  • quadratic funding
  • quadratic voting
  • Gini coefficient measurements
  • UBI
  • one-person-one-vote DAOs
  • data collectives
  • sybil resistant airdrops
    • other use cases we haven’t discovered yet… what are those?

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things that dont already exist in the passport ecosystem

  1. easy one-glance view of whether im being sybil attacked
  2. easy sign in with ethereum module that gets passport scores
  3. brightid/aura style sybil hunting tool
  4. scoring marketplace for passport - make scores very accessible in a standardize code marketplace.
  5. upala integration
  6. Nicky case style game on Sybil resistence

I would attack Employee Dissatisfaction:

  • Employees Vote on the Quality of their Workplace.
  • The verifiable, on-chain results are displayed on a public platform.
  • Customers choose product A over B
  • B’s Company is INCENTIVIZED to improve their employee satisfaction metric