SIP Cohort 2 Opportunity 1.2: Metacrisis research

This project is a sub-project of our educational/research work.

What is the Metacrisis?

The metacrisis is the underlying crisis driving a multitude of crises, not just ecological collapse.

The underlying game theoretic attractors that create the metacrisis are:

  1. Catastrophies - Uncoordinated human action leading to externalization of harm. See this article for a full understanding of coordination failures/catastrophies

  2. Dystopias - We can use governance systems to solve for coordination failure, but how do we prevent those from becoming totally authoritarian? See this video for a full understanding of dystopias.

  3. We are searching a for third attractor that creates coordination but without creating dystopia.

More resources on the meta crisis:

Research Project


“A Problem Well Stated is Half Solved” ~ Charles Kettering.

The goal of this resource is to well-state the problem of the meta-crisis in an open, accessible, easy-to-understand, and up-to-date resource.


Partner with Daniel Schmatenberger to write, publish, and maintain an updateable, web-based risk report that provides a high-level overview of the metacrisis and what the needs of global coordination are.

This resource will go into detail of the various verticals of crisis (E.g. catastrophic risk, planetary boundaries, exponential tech, war and conflict, and failure of human systems: electrical grid, financial systems, food and water security, supply chains, etc).


Our goal for this project is (tentatively)

  1. To boil down long/primary research on x-risk into TLDR/meta.
  2. record an encyclopedia of solutions, of which web3 is one of them.
  3. Primary research task: map out web3 tech.
  4. Build a bridge from web3 contributors into this research.
  5. (one day) Build an incubator of solutions that address them.

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