What kinds of innovative new things does Gitcoin Grants Protocol enable?

I am interested in discussing what types of regen/democratic capital allocations will open up in the next few years, due to regen web3 protocols launching.

For example, when Gitcoin launches these protocols,

  • Passport - a sybil resistence money lego
  • Grants Hub - a protocol for grants applications
  • Round Manager (QF) - a QF based tool for funding grants
  • Round Manager (QV) - a QV based tool for funding grants

… we will have an opportunity to leverage the collective intelligence they create in order to build more regen stuff.

What types of novel dapps/protocols could we built with such a set of money legos? What money legos are needed to make it happen?


a few ideas i’ve seen kicked around:

above the protocol

  1. A Quadratic Funding Social Network
  2. QV/QF enabled voting on DAO voting tools like snapshot/withtally.
  3. A tool similar to https://prop.house/ but with QF/QV enabled.
  4. a product hunt for web3
  5. a QF-enabled stack overflow for web3
  6. a “grant common app” . eg one click grant applications to clrfund/ef/uniswap grants, possibly powered via api client etc…
  7. easy 1h1v (or QV) dao templates
  8. TCRs (token curated registries) as a mechanism for managing grants hub/lists (while also creating utility for GTC)?

Protocol adjacent or below

  1. RPGF via QV
  2. non-EVM grants (eg fiat or UXTO blockchain grants)
  3. a dominance assurance contract grant funding module
  4. MACI QF grants module.
  5. HyperCerts integration such that each Gitcoin Grants contribution issues a hypercert.
  6. conviction voting for grants
  7. osmotic funding

Other comments/ ecosystem POV

  1. the gestalt of all of these tools would be a more game b world
  2. how do all the tools interoperate / find each other?
  3. what if we used grants protocol to manage the projects were building on top of grants protocol? META AF