Greenpill Animated Series Trailer

i hired an animator to put together this teaser for a potential greenpill youtube series.

the idea would be to do a series of “kurtzgeat” style videos about the major concepts in the greenpill book/podcast (basically 10 episode series on coordination failure, coordination, ethereum solving it). possibly could do a whole moloch/molochdao episode too.

i think creating high fidelity media about how crypto could solve coordination failures is a very high leverage educational oppy.

donno if this is the right vendor to do it though… should we hire them to do a whole series on how crypto could regenerate the world?


This is cool. Video is becoming the dominant form of digital consumption. This pilot is great and engaging and I love it, but I would take the production to a higher level. As Mr. Beast said on the Joe Rogan podcast, 10% better video gives a much higher return than 10%, and it’s essential to get attention.

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