GreenPilling the World - A few thoughts on Expanding the Book, and the .party

Had it brought up in another conversation

How do we update to be less about the podcast/book and more about a decentralized movement to greenpill the world?

Putting this here for further discussion on my thoughts!

  1. Presentation:

IMO The book GreenPilled is full of some amazing insights, and will do great in targeting people who are more philosophical as that’s the way it’s primarily presented… In abstract ideas, building concepts, ecosystems, etc.

To bring this to a greater audience I’d consider a few things:

  • Using the foundation of GreenPilled to be a guest on other shows to talk about the book. There’s a lot of things that took me reading it multiple times to grasp, and I think making the book more of a conversation and less of a statement would greatly open up the audience.

Defining things like “Harberger tax” or “Nash Equilibria”… and applying that in conversation with a host asking questions and relating to real world projects is a completely different way of understanding that content.

Having a host as an intermediary, whom people are familiar with, will greatly help new people digest a lot of the concepts in this book that are broadly unfamiliar.

  • How do I understand GreenPilled if I have the vocabulary of a 12-year old?
    (Realizing this includes not only the general public with short attention spans, but also smart people who are busy/tired after a day’s work, as well as a large part of crypto to whom English is a second language).

  1. Application:

I’d really like to see a questionnaire style rubrik that allows users to grade a project; “Is it GreenPilled?”. Or “The warning signs of an ImpactDao Imposter”…

Is there a tool we can provide people with to be able to simply apply the GreenPilled philosophy? For projects they are creating, DYOR’ng, or already invested in.

This also has the side benefit of people bringing these issues up, and comparing different projects with your mindset, and your referral to learn more.

Think of it like a personality test, but for projects.

  1. Git Involved:

From the book, the 7th Chapter “Git Involved” is the most important, but also the most lacking. This is the application to the whole pitch! (I would also apply this to

  • Basic direction in navigating GitcoinDAO would be super helpful.

  • How do I get involved as a creator?
    What social media? What community/channels for my interests? What people or even projects? Where can I go and have someone with a warm welcome and a conversation to learn more and get my footing in the community?

  • How do I get involved as a non-creative?
    How can I apply this knowledge to my investments? Where can I go to find ‘Green-Pilled-friendly’ projects and ecosystems? How can I be a productive part of the movement? What non-financial ways can I get involved?

  • What is the process for getting council on greenpilling my existing project with it’s specific needs?

  • What is the process for making a grant, project, or looking for hire within the Gitcoin DAO?

  • Are there any GreenPilled/Gitcoin tools/resources that are avaliable and free to use and build from for my non-Gitcoin DAO project?

  1. Share:

This point falls somewhat in line with #1 Presentation and also #2 Application.

If I have people I want to share the concept of “GreenPilling” with, but they aren’t going immediately to read a book, or listen to a 5 hour audiobook. How do I do it? How do new people know the book/movement is worth the time investment in the first place?

What’s the worm at the end of the hook? :worm:

  • Is there a tagline concept that can fit into a tweet? (it can be more than one in response to different applications)

  • Is there a good One-Pager that can be used to peak my/other’s interest?

  • Is it Memeable?

  • What are good bite-sized takeaways that can be used to start conversations?

  • Who are good people who would resonate with points made in this book, and can help this message resonate with others who are familiar with them/their-message, but not you/your-message?

  • How can we make GreenPiling a more universal term, a more universal message?

Thanks guys, a few thoughts, hopefully they are relevant and helpful to getting the message out!