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I’m not a fan of Elon Musk’s management style. My values and his values don’t appear to overlap greatly. I therefore suspended my use of Twitter the day he took it over.

This would mean I couldn’t join this community as it stands if I hadn’t done so beforehand because Twitter is the only authentication option.

Can I propose we expand this @owocki?

The out-of-the-box options are listed at the top of the Discourse webpage on integrations.

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I think this is great feedback. Open to changing the login method; which services should we enable?

Cheers. Good Q! Many of the default options are surveillance capitalists! Saying that, personally speaking, I’d go for Github.

I’m not a huge fan of login-with-ethereum when presented as some sort of self-sovereign panacea, but in terms of working with the world as we find it, there’s also: Sign-In with Ethereum plugin - #6 by RGJ - plugin - Discourse Meta

@owocki this just became a bit more urgent. Possibly. It’s not clear if the changes to the Twitter API just announced and going ahead 9th Feb will effect logging in with Twitter.

Thanks for the heads up. I just enabled local accounts (non twitter logins). Long term well need to figure out how to move to something more like sign in with etheruem.


I guess you’re going to need to tell everyone.

So here are the (not entirely intuitive) instructions.

  1. Click your avatar at the top of the screen
  2. Click on the person icon (mouseover says “preferences”)
  3. Click the cog / “preferences”
  4. Click Security
  5. Click the “Send Password Reset Email” button.

Your username is the email address to which the password reset email is sent.

  1. Set a password.