On GreenPill: Griff Green on the Tinder of On-chain Voting

A new episode of GreenPill is out today with Griff Green on the Tinder of On-chain Voting

Can we simplify and democratize Voting?

Joining the podcast today is Griff Green, Co-Founder of Giveth, Commons Stack, General Magic, and Dappnode, Leader of the TEC DAO and Steward in other DAOs like Gicoin and Optimism. Pairwise has been his most recent effort, an App for On-Chain Voting with a Tinder-style User Experience. The first part of the Podcast is dedicated to Pairwise, and in the Second, Griff explores his personal philosophy and the promise of Public Goods Funding.

Take the green pill, anon.

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This and the Ethere’s Phoenix were absolute bangers