SIP Cohort 2 Opportunity 7: fund public goods in a legitimate/recurring/deep way with protocol level infrastructure

One of the ideas we’d like to explore is what it would be like to fund public goods with protocol level investments.

We would likely by default take 5% of any fees coming out of these tools to satisfy our profit motive.

Examples of these investments:

  1. launch a L2 whose sequencer fees go to public goods
  2. launch a block builder whose fees go to public goods
  3. some other protocol level investment that funds public goods

To do this, we would partner with protocol developers who could help us build these infrastructure in a secure way. We would then use our network/marketing channels in order to gain adoption.

Of the ideas proposed above, we are leaning towards pursuing an L2. L2 does have higher upside. but also comes with significantly more engineering complexity, commitment to the long term, and potential for a complex social/political marketing campaign to launch.


This post is worth reading :wink: Scaling Funding for Blockchain-era Public Goods - 🤖 DAO Governance and Vision - Gitcoin Governance