Greenpill QF Round

$5k Greenpill Q2 2023 QF Round :seedling::pill::moneybag:


Supermodular will be funding a $5k public goods funding pool for Greenpill ecosystem public goods.


  1. Public goods are good. Lets fund Greenpill 2023 public goods.
  2. Moving us from theorizing on mechanism design vs practicing it.

What kind of public goods should we fund?

Whatever you want. But some suggestions:

  1. Ppl who provide infrastructure for Greenpill Global
  2. Ppl who are building local chapters.
  3. Ppl who are working on any aspect of Greenpill v2
  4. The in-betweeners.
  5. Anyone who provides value to regen web3.


We’ve deployed a Grants Round on Optimism. You can participate today if you have bridged ETH to Optimism here.

(Optional) Join the discord

Here it is : GreenPill Global

(Anyone) Create a Grant

From now until 5/24, you can create a project and apply to the round.

  1. Go to this link.

  2. Create a project.

  3. Apply to the round on this link

(Small Donors) Fund a Grant

On Thurs 5/25 at midnight UTC, Grant Funding begins.

  1. Go to this link.

  2. Fund what matters to you.

  3. Your contributions will be matched by the matching pool.

  • QF matches based on the number of contributions not the amount funding. Because of this, a $1 contribution can be worth $10 - $100 in funding received. So even small contributions count. (more on QF here)

Optional - (Big Donors only) Fund the matching pool

Want to help fund Greenpill ecosystem public goods? Send ETH to 0x4195cd3cd76cc13faeb94fdad66911b4e0996f38 on optimism for the matching pool

Matching payouts

Sometime in June Owocki will pay out the matching contributions.


Leave a question below and Owocki will answer it.

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Can I send $25 in ETH to help fund this pool? I don’t have much OP-ETH and I doubt this classifies me as a big donor… lol. But I’d like to help if I can

sure feel free to do so. just send it to that address

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Awesome - just sent a little bit. Excited to check out the grants in this round

round is live! contribute @ Gitcoin | Explorer