SIP Cohort 2 Opportunity 9: Leverage Gitcoin Grants Data


In Q3 2022, Gitcoin facilitated $4.1m in value transfer. That’s about $1880/hour, for every hour during Q3 ($8469/business-hour).

Since its launch in November 2017, Gitcoin has helped 163,759 funders reach an audience of 444,034 earners. Gitcoin has facilitated 3,399,782 complete transactions to 11,448 unique earners.

Gitcoin is an incredibly rich data source on what everday members of the web3 ecosystem care about.

So much so that billion $$$ projects like Uniswap, Yearn , 1 inch exchange, Bankless, all got some of their first $$$ via Gitcoin Grants.

Here is the Gitcoin Grants round 15 economic graph. Each edge is a transaction and each node is a user or grant.

What could we do with this data (which is all available on-chain + publicly)?

  1. dealflow for an investment firm
  2. make it easy for DAOs to take upside in their ecosystem projects
  3. build a product hunt for web3
  4. what else?