Partnerships tool on grants stack 💡

build idea

build idea: an exploration of a artnerships tool, built on gitcoin grants

the idea would basically be that supermodular (or anyone like us who wants to find alpha) can point the new tool at any grants hub/round manager combo, browse the projects in that round, and offer partnerships to those grantees.

this tool would make it easy for anyone to browse grants data for dealflow, thereby increasing the likelihood that these Partnerships happen, over time creating a DAO of DAOs type structure where more projects have done partnerships with each other.

this tool serves 2 sides of the market

  1. investors who want dealflow
  2. up and coming projects who want investor interest / more coins to continue operations.

would welcome builders who want to build this out.

the opportunity

Gitcoin Grants is a collective intelligence tool for funding public goods.

But if you turn it on its side, youll see its very good at finding dealflow ofup and coming projects in the space.

This is the economic graph of a recent Gitcoin Grants round (each txn is an edge, each grant/user is a node).

There is alpha in there! The next uniswap is in there!


I made a working prototype that lets you:

  • View Rounds

  • View projects submitted to rounds

  • Add application projects to cart

  • Checkout and send invites to project team email along with google form links

You can check it out here

Demo video

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We’ve got a working proof of concept. Here’s a demo video and the app MVP. Here is the code.

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Been working on something similar. Got most of the smart contracts built out. GitHub - not-that-metaDAO/MTOTM

nice! wanna say hi on discord + we can chat about how to fold this into the current work? Owocki#1337

Would be wonderful if the tool could somehow enable also cooperation - there are tons of grants tackling similar issues, if the tool could facilitate the cooperation-matching process maybe they could even support each other, and also grouping the “investment” opportunities could become more attractive - I am seeing it with a project I was cooperating with - 3 BMs - all regenerative - 1 dealing with organic agriculture automatization - 1 with plastic recycling to supply tools for organic agriculture - 1 dealing with regenerative plants nursery. The three can be developed separately with different fundraising campaigns - BUT all together can create a big part of the supply chain for agriculture in rural areas for example (machinery, tools, seeds/plants) - also having an impact in terms of resiliency - so maybe for the grants helping a matching system on impact creation and regenerative supply chains integration - the SROI and the ROI are different if seen in such way —

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