Special ETHDenver week GreenPill episode Drop: John Paller, founder SporkDAO, ETHDenver, & Opolis!

A special ETHDenver episode of GreenPill is out today w/John Paller, founder of SporkDAO, ETHDenver, and Opolis!

ETHDenver 2023 is here! Let’s get weird!

Kevin sat down with John Paller on the opening day of ETHDenver to host a live taping of Green Pill to talk about everything you can expect this week in Denver.

The founder of SporkDAO, ETHDenver, and Opolis - John is a decorated Web3 visionary who has gone the distance in building out the tools to help the ecosystem thrive.

Today, we discuss new details about SporkDAO and how to get involved, the history behind ETHDenver and the early years, and even drop some alpha for those in attendance this week.

Take the green pill anon.

Listen to the episode on your podcast platform of choice or here on YouTube:

I am so glad this was recorded!! I was at campBUIDL and missed it.