Web3: An Evolutionary Perspective Poster (2022 edition)

I believe that web3 is an evolutionary ecosystem, and I’ve been working with @octaviaan to show off that perspective.

Here is the 2022 edition (I encourage you to zoom in and revisit web3 history|).

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Natural ecosystems are evolutionary & powered by natural selection. Similarly, Web3 is an evolutionary ecosystem powered by market selection.

Copy from the poster:

In times of abundance, 1000s of new species blossom. In times of scarcity, many projects will fail. The survivors will be the dominant species of next boom. And so on, ad infinitum. Innovate, iterate, evolve, repeat. Survival of the fittest is a simple yet powerful mechanism enabling the web3 ecosystem to fit the preferences of market-selection.

If we speed run this ecosystem evolution, we see the degenerative species (which by definition are short term greedy, but over long term tend to self terminate) collapse, and we see the regenerative species (which are long term greedy, resistent to shock, and grow over time) grow. Cast the dice 1000 times, the results will be the same each time!

Keystone species hold together the complex web of relationships in an ecosystem. What are the web3 keystone species? What are the web3-analogues to dolphins, humans, or mycellial networks? At supermodular.xyz, we are focused on finding regenerative species & keystone species of web3. Once we’ve found them, we focus on cultivating them, and celebrating them!

If you have any feedback on the infographic, let me know below!


It’s beautiful. I appreciate you putting in the hard work to do this.

kinda wanna get this framed :eyes:

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You should! I’m getting mine framed!

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