Educational Infographics

One of our essential intents is to “Explore, catalog, and communicate value in the digital frontier.” As part of that effort, I’ve started working on infographics that help map out complicated topics visually.

Here are the first two:

If you any ideas for concepts we should make into infographics post here or comment below!


Another one, thanks to Octavian for the excellent work here!


another infographic! Web3: An Evolutionary Perspective Poster (2022 edition)

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Another one we’ve produced

From the plurvierse guide ( ):

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another one!

inspired by Coordination Mechanisms with Griff Green | Green Pill #65 - YouTube

get it on the gitcoin store at Coordination Mechanisms Poster – gitcoin

(Get high res version here)

another one!

this one is about the Quadratic Lands. Quadratic Lands was conceived as a meme for a place where community goods are well funded with non-coercive market-based mechanisms + digital democracy reigns.

get the physical print here

(high res copy here)
(very very high res copy here)

learn more about the quadratic lands here and here.

thanks to @octavian for the incredible work here!