BUIDLing an Ark to take humanity to the Quadratic Lands

I have been honing my articulation of the architecture of how we get to the quadratic lands.

Quadratic Lands = a place where we’ve rewritten the laws of economics to be more regenerative + fund the commons

What would an Ark (a ship) to get there look like?

I 've been putting some work into articulating it here here here and here.

I think the vision is pretty clear in my head now. But I keep hearing from people that my posts are too long. So I’m looking for an elegant way to articulate it visually and viscerally. Having such a tool would speed the creation of this Ark, because it would help this vision spread, enabling more builders to contribute to their own little corner of it.

I’d love to build a tool of the caliber of the one we recently launched on coordination mechanisms on this. Perhaps it could be entitled “Ark to the Quadratic Lands”.

What does it look like?

Basically it starts with holons

From there a key insight is that each Community wants to fund public goods because the ecosystems that coordinate to fund their public goods win (heres a tweet on this), that each ecosystem will evolve public goods funding

  1. Funding Mechanisms - ways of raising capital for public goods
  2. Distribution Mechanism - ways of distributing capital to ppl who contribute to public goods.

Because were a very pluralistic and modular community, some ecosystems will have multiple mechanisms that complement each other (like how the Ethereum community has EF ESP, Gitcoin Grants, ClrFund, Giveth, Mirror, ETC)

The anatomy of this kind of reminds me of the anatomy of a cell. Basically you’ve got these little sub-holons that support the greater function of everything within the cell (cellular public goods)

I also think that what gets interesting is how these cells stack on top of each other.

Each DAO that creates public goods, creates a symbiotic relationship with those around it, compounding the culture of pubilc goods exponentially. More on this here

Another analogy that slaps for me is the idea of forests become more interoperable + positive sum over time as they grow.

Of course our digital world isnt a physically geolocated thing. It is more holonic.


Our information space is both holonic and networked around memes. Whereas our physical communtiies were oriented around where we grew up + the local community functions around us (neighborhoods, schools, churches, economies), our online interactions are anchored around clusters of interests, memes, and other infromation-based ways of being with others in the world. Over time as the internet permeates our civilization even further, I predict this will only accelerate.


Obviously I’ve covered a lot above. I’m looking for an elegant way to educate people on this visually and viscerally.

What would have to be true to be able to build a graphical tool to teach people about

  1. Holons. Everything is a holon
  2. Every holon should have a public goods funding mechanism + distribution mechanism bc that creates fitness.
  3. Scale up and down the holonic stack to see how the public goods-iness compounds as it grows bottoms up.
  4. How this architecture is actually scalable way of building a vessel to the Quadratic Lands


Graphical tool could be a presentation (maybe Ill give a talk about this at ETHDenver about this), but I think it’d be cool if it was web-based like this one is too.

Feedback welcome

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