Exploring Hypercerts for beach cleanups (and more)

I’ve been exploring a concept using Hypercert. What if people doing beach and ocean cleanups, planting trees, recycling, etc could create impact certificates for these actions and later be rewarded based on their work and impact?

One could also imagine local communities creating bounties (take a photo of something that needs cleanup and mint a Hypercert). A marketplace displays these and people can be claimed by the community.

Image a website where you could enter your location and find ways to help with cleanups and be rewarded for it, now or in the future.

Built a proof-of-concept app today. Currently works like this:

  • A person (or group) does a beach clean-up (or plant trees, picks up unwanted articles in nature or cities, cleans up grafitti, etc…)
  • Open the app and taps Take Photo button to open the camera and take a photo
  • Location and time are parsed from the EXIF data and prefilled in the form
  • Photo and a static map image are displayed
  • Description, tags, and participants can be added
  • Metadata is created and a Hypercert is minted

You can check it out here:

I wrote a thread about this back in November before I became aware of Hypercerts (seems like a good primitive for this). It asks what strategies could be used to prevent bad actors from gaming the system.

Potential organization that could be interested?

I’m sure there are plenty more!

What are your thoughts on these use cases for Hypercerts (and blockchains in general)?

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