What could you build with hypercerts.xyz?

Hypercerts are a tool to build scalable retrospective reward systems for impact.

Hypercerts are like carbon credits, but on any impact vector. While carbon credits are not perfect, they allow to reward projects for positive outcomes retrospectively, i.e. when these outcomes are observable. hypercerts enable this for other impact areas, such as education, healthcare, AI safety and open source software.

What should we build on top of hypercerts?

I’m really excited about the idea that any ImpactDAO could now have a business model by simply selling hypercerts!

Maybe it’d be worth integrating hypercerts into Gitcoin Grants Protocol…


Though this may not sound as innovative as some of the other myriad possibilities for hypercerts, as one of the Toucan flock I’m excited by the potential of “retrofitting” hypercerts to carbon credits - not just to give those credits extra superpowers, but also as a way of enabling prospective funding of carbon projects.