QF for Disaster Relief

what do you all think of having “disaster relief” pop up QF rounds?.

the process goes like this

  1. some disaster happens somewhere
  2. we see that a DAO forms to allocate humanitarian capital (like what happened with this turkish DAO)
  3. we create a QF round to route the capital democratically to people on the ground helping. (

why do this?

  1. help people that need it most
  2. use QF to help people adapting to famine, war, natural disasters
  3. secondarily, it shows the power of QF in a new niche.
  4. TLDR - they’d have to be really speedy in how they are deployed, but i think they could do a lot of good & capture a lot of mind share.

how do this:

  1. it would require someone technical to spin up a QF round on a drop of a dime & effectively, then
  2. it’d require someone who can do (1) grant outreach quickly & effectively
  3. raise a matching pool quickly & effectively

one idea for matching pool raising; i wonder if one could tweet “hey there was an earthquake and we put together a QF round for it” and raise like $25k pretty quick with a page that would accept donations to a matching pool in exchange for your ENS showing up on it to show you donated.


So much YES to this idea. We should talk through all the pieces required rapidly deploy this infrastructure.


Cool idea!

Some notes on what a technical implementation could look like:

  1. Create Round page
    • UI where user can input metadata for the round
      • This could be a simple Markdown editor or something more fancy and Notion-like
      • Use some defaults to simplify (eg: token, applicationsMeta, start and end times, voting and payout strategies)
      • What address to use as reciever for donations?
    • Call RoundFactory.create(config) (Allo smart contract)
      • Is a wallet with ETH required to push this tx to chain or could something like Biconomy or MagicLink be used with Stripe? Or OpenGSN for gasless?
    • Returns an URL https://<qf-relief>/<roundAddress> to be shared
  2. View Round page
    • Simple landing page to show round data with title, banner, logo, description (markdown)
    • Shows matching funds amount / raise target
    • Shows history of donors (address or ens, amount, timestamp)
    • Button to donate (input, range slider or buttons to select amount)
      • Would donations via Stripe be possible?
        • Connect Stripe account during create round
        • Redirect donator to Checkout
        • Webhook on payment success

If starting with the most basic features I think this could be built fairly quickly.

Integrations like Stripe, Biconomy, MagicLink would reach a larger audience but would add complexity and time. These could also be added incrementally.

Did some rapid prototyping of what the UI might look like. Mostly just the bigger building blocks
and structure right now.

Create round page:

View round page:


This is great thank you @carlb @owocki
I’m open to contributing to the UX and product side

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Great idea! Rapid matching is v powerful

Here to help with rapid onboarding of native and non native users as well as FIAT checkout. We can spin this up pretty quickly via Privy.io if helpful :slight_smile:

Lmk if I should PR @carlb

join the telegram where were discussing deploy some QF for turkey Telegram: Join Group Chat

Nice; thx for the thoughts here.

FYI there is already a round creation flow here. Might be worth using that one? Gitcoin | Round Manager

Lets coordinate more in the tg channel

Happy that we can partner up on this action :smiley:

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We will be moving this Commonwealth through governance at 1inchDAO within the next 2 weeks. We are happy to have these funds go to QF round like the one from Giveth but we cannot pass it before the Giveth deadline.

Another way is to have our own custom QF from these funds, any thoughts?

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We would be open to supporting this! I think Gitcoin Public Goods Funding workstream would be able to support too.

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Is there a meta-governance group focused on funding public goods? Or do you know who all could be interested in such a crew?