How do we make Regen Crypto (Greenpilling) a movement?

One thing I’m pondering in 2023 is how to make regen crypto a movement.

Some prompts:

  1. how do we greenpill the world?
    • greenpilling the world == any of the following actions: distribute the book, promote the podcast, produce greenpilled content, any other actions that support the wider movement
  2. how do we route more capital/talent/attention to regen crypto?
  3. how do we compound momentum so that everyone who joins the movement helps everyone else the joins the movement?
  4. how do we leverage existing resources better
    1. Greenpill is a headless brand and has been since launch on 2/2022, but no one so far has done much with it. How do we enable others to leverage the brand assets?
    2. how do we update to be less about the podcast/book and more about a decentralized movememnt to greenpill the world?
    3. the telegram channels are mostly dormant right now. how could we provide more value using them?
    4. who should i have on the greenpill podcast? how might we leverage the podcast resources bettere?
    5. the greenpill book has been translated into 10 different languages. how do we get those distributed more widely?. (i dont care about revenue, i care about getting the ideas to people.)

I’d love to see ideas/proposals from the community.


I personally would like to be able to dedicate copies of the greenpill book or pdf to people in a more web3 native way, eg, purchase + transfer an NFT that the owner can use to obtain a copy of the book.

It would then be cool to have a leaderboard of how many people have been greenpilled in this way.

There could also be a Rabbithole-inspired set of actions one performs at which point they earn a greenpill NFT and can unlock a book copy

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I can only add valuable ideas to #2

Solve real problems for activists on the ground in a simple way. I know with Giveth we haven’t been able to do that for more traditional nonprofits yet, but for some groups we can, especially those not served well by the existing system, so we focus our efforts there.

I think there are certain global movements, the free speech movement, extinction rebellion, climate change, etc that have a lot of capital/talent/attention and are not served well by what exists out there. If we can double down and make regen crypto notably impactful for just one of those movements, we can use it as a model to other movements as well.

KlimaDAO is an interesting case study. It sequestered a lot of Carbon, but it also turned a lot of people off… there was notable-ish impact but it left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth… We need a KlimaDAO without the pump and dump discrediting it, so we can point at it to model what is possible without it being theoretical.

This happened with NFTs and Quadratic Funding. A few projects succeeded at raising funds and then people could point to those projects and convince the leaders of more traditional orgs to integrate them. This is great! We need to focus and scale more of these solutions!


Solve real problems for activists on the ground in a simple way.

this reminds me - one of the ideas i’ve been kicking around with @garysheng is to create a “community regeneration toolkit” that makes it easy for local civic hackers to deploy quadratic funding, UBI, local community currencies, etc. and to support them + make them sucessful in doing so.


some good convo happening in the impactdao telegram about this topic: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Hi there:

  1. produce green pilled content - I am producing audio NFTs articles from medium content, if you have a list of top content you want to spread I will be happy to help. My idea was even doing a Spotify out of it - learning how to use the tool.

  2. Capital for regen - crypto :

  • start contaminating impact investing environments - foundations are also a good pool where to dig into - ethical banks -
  • Systems like WIR and Sardex. If you check their model they invest the money from the members subscriptions and the ones backing the transactions — also they are very open to new financial model development. you can talk to matslat and dillgreen about it, they know more for sure. Also, mixed models are important - the environment could take inspiration - good levers are also insurance and pensions funds and I know there are protocols around dealing with that.
    The problem is to guarantee paybacks — this is why I am suggesting looking deeply into impact investing dynamics we can learn a lot from them —
  • look into B-corps — you never know
  • look into EU funds as you can get the money for developing the tech and the models while co-funding with what you already have - this will give you the advantage of having initial costs of prototyping and piloting somehow covered - look into the EIC European Innovation Council bit and the ERC Europen Research Council (very useful for DeSci, too) - these don’t need partnership - some funds in the ERC are accessible for individual researchers just certifying their level of experience at academic level.
    The Digital Europe program is also quite interesting but more complex as it implies partnerships with well-established institutions -
  1. personal feedback: putting people like that in the middle of everything and asking them to take on responsibilities doesn’t work - people are not used to it as I am not used, so they lose motivation and start doubting everything is fake (this is what happened to me, at least) - I would keep them involved with small tasks and small rewards - it’s a model similar to the ones of the trainers in volunteering projects - you need to take care of people, listen to their feedbacks and their needs while they are performing their tasks - testing them hard and pushing them with confusion and pressure doesn’t help. People are living in crisis times pushing on them more weight doesn’t help at all. Also please make clear on which communication channel they find the most of the info and they need to interact at first and for the majority of the time, please. This will help them stay in the info loop and be more active. So if a group is most active on Discord communicate it clearly, if more on mastodon same, twitter same, - specify also what each communication channel is used for to support people in interacting in a functional way.

  2. For the one I saw on Figma it would be wonderful to make a 3D audiobook to spread around also in the metaverse - I can offer my voice for the narration if you need - I mean this

  3. would be happy to make an audio version of it you could spread it around on gift economy - maybe in chapters as NFTs using doingGud - putting it on audible or somewhere else and giving the option of the audio version too would be good.
    Also, the 3D audiobook, as there are still very few around, could be an option at this stage to burn some steps.
    Insert it as a book in some role games…? So they can have it and they need to read the 30% of it at least to unblock other features of the game? Whatever role game — or even more than one ----

If I can add from a “just now” realization - TAPPING into financial education NOW can create a comparative advantage for the future. Financial educators are talking about crypto and blockchain all around the place, are they talking also about ReFi and its possibilities opportunities, and different approaches to responsible bankless attitudes?

I feel part of the community BUT I am not sure the community feels me like a part of it — so —

Just elucubrative feedbacks from my side



one of the ideas i’ve been kicking around with @garysheng is to create a “community regeneration toolkit” that makes it easy for local civic hackers to deploy quadratic funding, UBI, local community currencies, etc. and to support them + make them sucessful in doing so.

Yeah, I think a guide that lays out things one might do and why to support community regen would be valuable to create. It would naturally serve as a Schelling point for people who have ideas we haven’t thought of for how to serve tech-enabled community regen. Maybe hosted on Github so people can fork and suggest edits to it.

Is there an open source wiki for Greenpill / regen web3 yet?


When I read the coordination mechanisms glob post (or listen to the original 3 hour podcast), I feel that there is an almost infinite design space for budding regens to play with.

How might [insert group of people] use [insert name of coordination / funding mechanism] to [insert action on a public good] ?


  • How might a parent-teacher association use quadratic funding to improve classroom facilities ?
  • How might an artists' collective use assurance contracts to secure a better workspace ?
  • How might a group of NFT collectors use tithing to support decentralized social media platforms?

You could even turn this into a game.

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Prioritize projects that lower the biggest costs that all projects have to take on, regardless of business model.

For instance, legal costs & marketing costs tend to be very big.

LexDAO has already done a lot of work on legal costs. Supermodular is doing work on marketing costs (e.g. guest exposure from Greenpill podcast). Let’s keep it up!

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  1. focusing on strong relationships
    It makes sense to focus on key members of the various communities who can carry the role of “super member” and have an agency in the community that we want to reach out to. I think relationship-building comes before communicating the content because the content will spread through reliable and strong relationships. People who have strong relationships with diverse communities and are going to spread the vibes in the right way will most likely be attracted to those with whom they share similar values. (kudos to the real online community OGs @berkboz and @bendertherobot, they introduced me to microsolidarity and we met through other online creative and physical communities​:zap: I love the internet :melting_face:)

  2. Again, values- and mission-aligned communities, online slack groups, creative communities, and learning groups we are connected to can be accessible through building relationships. We can spread ideas and content through individual connections, events, and encounters. Also, we can create small events, online workshops and hackathons to collaborate and vibe :sparkles:

  3. In this case, I believe “starting strong” is essential. Building up a culture that makes onboarding natural and easily makes other people attentive and willing
    It could be responding to a tweet that announces acceptance into one of your favourite communities by sending a DM to say hi for a vibe check, for example.
    Today, without planning and thinking about anything in the background I intuitively write to another female who got accepted to the Boys to say hi after I also noticed that she is a web3 product manager, in Shefi’s 7th batch like me and Turkish. After we chatted a little, we got each other’s telegrams, and I also added her to our little Web3 women group and introduced her to the other members. Now, she has another community and friends. The frens in the small community met from very different communities and places, but it’s our melting point. Even if it’s so small, we look at each other’s links, talk about stuff, and even decided to make a panel for the community in Istanbul.
    There’s magic in here and intuition, I think we should navigate and plan the strategies by using and checking it :jigsaw::magic_wand:

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Love it - Ale Borda would call this “seek the highest leverage point”.


this is a great point. its one i learned form Lessons about Impact Networks

its also a reason why has been so valuable to the gitcoin network in the past. ht @gloria

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Again, values- and mission-aligned communities, online slack groups, creative communities

perhaps something we want to consider as we write HOW TO DAO @Puncar_DeFi @alex

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more posts on this

I agree KlimaDAO has left a bit of a bad taste but also I think ReFi in general would be a much smaller space currently if Klima hadn’t had such a large pump and hype so overall has been net positive. The question is if we assume there will be another ReFi large pump (and probably dump) some time soon how do we capitalise on it?
How do we use a pump to raise more funds for the right causes?
How do we capitalise on the increased attention from a pump to greenpill more people? We need to be ready with the right resources and memes!