Help Wanted: build Economic Graph Tool on top of Allo Protocol

This is data from Grants Round 13. Each node in the network is a user (or grant) and each edge is a transaction between those nodes.

I find these graphs are useful for visualizing each grants round in 3-dimensional space. Using this data you can see which users/grants are hyperconnectors and which are on islands unto themselves.

In the old centralized Gitcoin Grants tool, the admin could generate these graphs.

Can anyone build a similar tool to help me visualize the social economic graphs of new Gitcoin Grants? Eg for any round created with round manager I want to be able to visualize the social structure of it.

I have budget for this build out.

Related info:


Hi @owocki I am interested. Is anyone working on this now? What are the next steps? Deadline? Thank you!

This project is now open again! Would anyone like to try to build it?

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Down to try building this!

Update: Have a simple V1 of this running here:

Going to try and optimize the way it looks and feels for rounds with more transactions. Please share any feedback

Also it’s open source if anyone wants to fork it: GitHub - ufkhan97/beta-networks

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neat to see lenster shilling @0xghostffcode 's work here!

@Umar will your tool work with GG18? is there a lot of overhead to keep it updated with latest rounds?