SuperModular 2023 Roadmap TLDR

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Here is a TLDR update on what we’re up to in 2023. This is a TLDR of a longer post here.

Our Purpose

Everything we do at Supermodular is grounded in our purpose. Our purpose is to cultivate a more regenerative digital frontier.

Our Roadmap

We just unveiled our 2023 SuperModular Roadmap Preview.

Our roadmap is T shaped. Part of it goes BROAD on building a movement. Part of it goes DEEP on building software.

Broad - movement building

How do we create a movement for regenerative crypto? How do we educate people and route them to regenerative crypto projects? How do we design a category and show off category kings like SuperModular & it’s alumni (like Gitcoin and KERNEL)? How do we act like live players until a formula to achieve our purpose appears?

  1. We continue to do Greenpill podcasts.
  2. We continue to do public speaking.
  3. We just signed a LOI to help co-produce Schelling Point Denver 2023.
  4. We are building a soup to nuts educational funnel for from new to web3 to regen web3.
  5. We are experimening with other new ways of making regen crypto a movement. This might mean a greenpill course or audiobook, or supporting local greenpill meetups across the world. More here.
  6. We will have lots of fun new supermodular swag at ETHDenver. Looking forward to attending schelling point and giving you all some!

DEEP on building software

  1. We are launching at ETHDenver. (Buidlbox used to be known as Gitcoin Hackathons)
  2. We are working with Protocol Labs on, which is launching on top of Grants Stack on ETHDenver.
  3. We are building on top of grants stack.
    1. Much of this work is new form factors for Quadratic Funding.
      1. Quadratic Funding Social Network in Lenster
      2. Quadratic Funding Social Network in Discord
      3. QF Flash Game
      4. Collections on Grants Stack
    2. Some of the work is just taking QF and putting it in new places.
      1. We’re building Simple Grants, a web2/fiat grants tool. Once this ships, we have leads to run rounds for (1) the democratic party (2) a town in Africa, also the state of Colorado (3) web2 Open Source.
      2. Grants Round in Togo
    3. Some other work is extending Grants Stack.
      1. A QV fork of Allocation Protocol.
      2. A tool for sorting/contacting winners of a Grants Round
      3. A meta-allo protocol.

Things I’d LIKE to build in 2023.

This is work that we’ve not yet gotten traction on yet but would like to.

  1. a L2/block builder/block proposer/MEV tool that funds public goods with its fee generation
  2. web3 SAAS tools (long live EIP 1337) that give DAOS easy tools to generate subscription revenue
  3. Map the metacrisis at
  4. We’d love to build on top of Passport. But we’re not sure what/where/how to do that yet.
  5. A product hunt for web3. What if we built this on top of Grants Stack and/or used the Grants Stack Data to surface the best new projects?
  6. One area of BIG opportunity we see is to fork Allocation Protocol and build many different coordination mechanisms on top of it. Taking Gitcoin Grants Stack from QF => a pluralism of practical coordination mechanisms. We could do a hyperparameter sweep of whats possible in web3 human coordination and achieve MAXIMUM COORDINATION!!!
  7. QF for communities I’m in: stuff like moonshot bots, SACKS, boulder blockchain


This is a TLDR of what Supermodular has been up to.

If this is helpful to you please :heart: the post so I know to continue making updates like this. If so, I think quarterly updates might be a good cadence.


This is a motivating roadmap. Awesome. I wish I could code! :laughing:

But just to keep it on the radar, if we’re not successful in enticing more social scientists to join us for the journey, and by corollary if we fail to approach human identity appropriately, then this whole dweb caboodle isn’t going super nice places.