New Open Source Crowdfunding Tool

Supermodular has released a beta version of a new open source tool for doing a simple/fast crowdfund for anything, crowdfunding a matching pool, crowdfunding for a cause, etc…

How does it work?

Basically the idea is that the tool makes it easy to raise $$$ for a matching pool + easily create a leaderboard of the top contributors to the campaign.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like

Anyone can create a crowdfund using this tool in a couple clicks

The crowdfund contract is modular, can easily be hooked up to a Giveth Grant, a Gnosis Safe, or any other repository of funds…

What does this enable?

In a world where there are increasingly common natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other coordination failures, we wanted to make it very easy to create an easy crowdfund for those causes.

I’d love to live in a future where when a natural disaster unfortunately happens (say an earthquake in turkey, a flood in pakistan, etc), people have the tools to create momentum towards a QF or RPGF round for that cause. Such infrastructure would make it much easier, when disaster strikes, to coordinate capital to fund what matters.

Heres how i visualize this idea…

eg an earthquake happens in turkey, and some member of the supermodular ecosystem emergently spins up a crowdfund to make sure web3 can help, on a schedule/cadence that reflects the urgency of the situation.

This would complement the scheduled RPGF/QF rounds that already happen in the optimism/daodrops/gitcoin ecosystems.

Use the tool

You can checkout the tool here, the code here, and the pilot campaign here.

If you want to create a new campaign you can do it here.

Hat tip to

@0xghostffcode @carlb @octanaiv for being my ride or die dev/design team for this.