Rundown: SuperModular @ ETHDenver 2023

I’m in the beginning stages of planning out how everything SuperModular + the wider regen space are doing together at ETHDenver. Here are the things I know about. Please help me connect the dots.


  1. Gitcoin Community Gathering
  2. SuperModular Invite only happy hour
  3. Schelling Point
  4. ETHDenver


  1. Infinite Garden Coloring Book
  2. Stuff Crypto OGs know book
  3. Greenpill books
  4. Greenpill tic tacs
  5. Green pils beer
  6. Quadratic Lands Bomber Jackets
  7. Quadratic Lands Onesies
  8. (Owocki special secret surprise swag for SuperModular team)
  9. Gitcoin Comic 4 launch
  10. Supermodular shirt
  11. Supermodular socks

Major Launches

  1. Grants Stack Launch
  2. Buildbox launch

SIPS Launches (or POCs that will be ready to demo):

  1. Hypercerts v0.2.1 launch
  2. Simple Grants
  3. Quadratic Voting Social Network in Lenster
  4. Quadratic Voting Social Network in Discord
  5. qV Mobile Game
  6. Partnerships tool on grants stack 💡
  7. greenpill animated explainer video debut

Did I miss anything? What swag should we give out at what event? What stage can we have to demo which projects?

Please help me connect these dots!

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some teaser images :slight_smile:

Bomber Jacket





Green Pils beer

Green Pill OG Swag from last year (rerun)


Animated Series


Some leftover swag from last year I could bring again this year