SIP Cohort 2 Opportunity 1.4: Infinite Garden Coloring Book

This project is a sub-project of our educational/research work.

i have hired colton orr (an artist friend) to make a line art coloring book for ethdenver 2023.

it will be 25 pages long + we need to ship the book to the printer by end of jan 2023.

this project is inspired by three things:

  1. ethereum as an infinite garden
  2. promoting keystone species of web3 for being a good/helpful species of the infinite garden
  3. a fun night that Gitcoin frens colton, loie, fred, and others had in amsterdam where we stayed up all night coloring a gitcoin robot . see what we colored below:

we hope to use this project as an opportunitiy to promote the better virtues of web3 in a fun/artistic way.

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