The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread


My name is Ryan and I’m the Dev Advocate & SAP Architect at Provide.

My background has long been in SAP dev and integration - this got me really deep into enterprise supply chain and finance systems of Fortune 500 companies. And really into the ABAP programming language used by SAP systems

In 2022 - I built the first open source SDK for Web3 and ZK for the ABAP programming language - today known as proUBC. You can check out its github and docs. While the last market cycle saw a ton of great dev resources emerge for Node.js, Rust, Solidity and other familiar programming languages - there were zero such resources for the ABAP language. I felt that to be a real shame - since I knew from firsthand experience the many business critical processes today run on ABAP code. The lack of an open source Web3 SDK for SAP really stuck out to me personally as something holding both ecosystems back.

I got a lot of support from the team at Provide to endeavor to do this. And they had great open-source APIs and a straightforward way to implement ZK to help see it happen. I spent a lot of free time building proUBC and eventually in maturated into an opportunity to work full time at Provide to bring commercial adoption to proUBC and other projects on the Provide platform

I found the Supermodular community here an attractive one to join here because the commitment to modularity and community-led open source dev was what really the same kind of ethos that drew me into building proUBC and the other related projects Provide sponsors like PRVD and Baseline.

Going into 2023, I hope we can work together to advance a few things. I don’t think there’s ever been an ABAP-based gitcoin grant handed out - so would like to see that happen and have some ideas of what that could look like with proUBC or other open source ABAP public good projects.

Right now, I have a big interest in Web3 sustainability integrations to SAP. Could be something that matches well with HyperCerts imo based on what I know. I found personally when speaking with other SAP pros - the sustainability issue has always been the one corps wanted resolved before aligning major business transformations around anything blockchain. Have a couple of ideas and projects in the works about this I would love to share later.

Feel free to say hi to me on Twitter/TG @ryfleisch


My name is Carl and I’m passionate about building using web technologies. My background is in media technology and interactive digital media. I have worked as a consultant and freelancer since 2015.

Recently I’ve become more and more interested in healthy cooking and sustainable/spiritual communities. For the past 3 summers, I’ve lived in one of these and volunteered in the kitchen cooking vegan food for retreat guests.

The intersection of art and technology is also something that interests me, whether it’s music, photography, or code. I also like the idea of creating incentives for regenerative projects.

I’m looking forward to connecting with inspiring people across different fields and hopefully sharing some of the skills and knowledge I’ve picked up over the years.

You can find some of my projects at:


Hi! Dave, here.

I’m the Head of Platform over at IDEO CoLab Ventures. Prior to that, I spent eight years at the Gates Foundation and worked on improving the financial lives of low-income individuals and communities across Sub-Saharan Africa and South/South East Asia.

I also started Future Foundation back in 2021 to explore the beginning of the social impact x web3 space.

Excited to be in community with this community.



:wave: Regens!

People call me Rieki (Rye). I’ve been playing in the crypto space since 2011 when I started mining BTC. Later found that my passion for permaculture, plant communication, soil-gut symbiosis, and community building weren’t served as well with a Fiat or BTC based monetary system and left BTC mining in 2014.

The DAO on Ethereum brought me back into the space to focus on building economic/financial systems for local food systems. This led to catalyzing SEEDS ( which was a DAO launched in 2019 (white paper in 2017) that grew to 10k+ ppl and 400+ Organisations with 400+ “Citizens” (those engaged in decentralized governance).

SEEDS needed tools to organize on-chain more effectively (e.g. if SEEDS was a body, we needed tools to make organs) this led to Hypha ( which is a DAO Platform inspired by Holocracy, sociocratic methods, deliberately developmental organizations to help communities govern.

Hypha launched in 2021 (see to explore.

After Hypha I wanted to focus on how these tools help localize and regenerate our economic systems and help intentional communities, eco villages, etc use Web3 to build new economic realities.

This led to “ReGen Civics” which is a tool agnostic alliance of land based DAOs and organisations seeking to create a network.of Regenerative economic systems. We launched our first season in 2022.

Now, I’m stepping out of the tunnel of building to connect and explore with the wider movement to build bridges, unite learnings, and find the most effective foundations to building Regenerative Civilizations - which brings me to here and exploring Super Modular :heart:

You can explore 11 years of learning in the Web 3 meets Regeneration meets local economic systems here:


Hello :ocean:;

I am Sergio Martell, I am the steward of Metaclaims, that aims to tokenize environmental services and create complete (Arrow-Debreu) market, that takes into account not only financial contributions, but also work, stewardship and the provision of data and actionable information.

We are based out of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where we will be supporting the Billion Agave Project, an agroforestry model that can regenerate degraded arid and semi-arid landscapes. (190) Billion Agave Project - Regeneration International UNCCD COP15 Side Event - YouTube

This is one of the methodologies that we will be implementing in order to mitigate the climate risk that has been valued at an Annual Average Loss of $25,000,000 by the year 2050 (only in the tourism sector), this was established by a study done by the GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation GmbH) and it provides an objective milestone to set the valuation of ecosystem services.

I will be developing this platform in ETH Denver’s Buidlathon, so if anyone in the Supermodular community is interested in participating, please reach out.

I have been focused on the past 10 years in the development of Civic Technologies, and I gravitated towards web 3 for this reason.

I am really excited to take part and be an active member in the Supermodular community. Thank you!

Website => Sergio Martell | Works and Ethics
Metaclaims => METAclaims | It’s Your Reality!
Twitter => SΞRGIO MARTΞLL :bat::loud_sound: (@sergiomartell) / Twitter
Github => sergiomartell (Major Tom) (

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Hey :wave:,

I am Lahcen Khaddaoui
I am a Mathematics teacher, freelancer, and member/contributor to DAOs (Raid Guild, Metagame, Metafactory)
I focus love working on design art and pixels, discovered web3 in early 2019 on explorer.bounties, and Gitcoin. speaker of Arabic, English, French.
I am open to contributing to any project that aligns with my skills and interests. :eyes:

Find me here:
twitter →
gitcoin →
discord → charingane#1930


Gm everyone!
I’m Mike Natanzon. My background is in economics, urban planning, design & architecture.
Around 2021 I was introduced to Ethereum and the idea of “programmable money” and was completely blown away by it. I think this tech has incredible potential to create new economic structures that benefit the broader society - I even think that it can comprehensively solve the problem of public goods (and the free rider problem) - been working on a protocol that can potentially make that happen. :wave:


Hey all. My name’s Colin Kennedy and I’m just discovering this forum after the latest greenpill episode turned me toward the metacrisisdoa forum. I think the major topic I’m interested in fits a little better here.

My background is math, CS, and education (B.Ed, ~5 years in K-12). I stumbled into the crypto ecosystem after pandemic travel restrictions strongly encouraged my young family back “home” to Atlantic Canada. The move left me unemployed; a personal contact was looking for someone; that was that.

The tldr of what I’d like to talk about here is a decentralized, credibly neutral platform for ed-tech with

  • market economics applied to socially constructed knowledge graphs to produce socially weighted values graphs
  • proof-of-respect protocols for mutually distrusting & disrespectful camps via ideological Turing tests
  • economic incentives to provide bus-factor safety for humanity. Preventing Jonathan Blow style collapse (all the more likely now that AI is poised to leave almost everyone with almost zero incentive to understand anything).

In short: I think this renaissance period in adversarial consensus mechanisms is a lame duck if it can’t counteract surveillance capitalism’s drive toward polarization and hyper-partisanship. It’s one thing for facebook to end democracy; it’s another thing for it to end democracy while we should know better. One is a historical accident, the other is a tragedy.

I’ve been thinking about (and occasionally prototyping) edtech platforms for at least 10 years. Something in the ballpark of a mashup of anki + reddit + stackoverflow + wikipedia. Over the past two years I’ve slowly grown convinced that the above could happy combine with some cryptoeconomics. I’ve wanted to do some mid/long form writing on this stuff, but I end up sounding like the crazed bulletin board guy (even to myself) whenever I draft things. Hopefully a format like this forum can get me over the hump to start articulating (step one to kill your darling).



Can’t say as if I followed everything you write here @NiloCK, but enough to know I look forward to you sharing more as and when you can :smiley:

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Hi all, I’m honored to be a part of this group.

My name is Andrea. By day, I’m an innovation strategist & product discovery researcher helping startups and corporates level up their digital game by identifying, experimenting with and acting on business opportunities.

By night, I’m building Diome, currently a loosely-defined personal research project with the aim of understanding how digital tools & spaces can support the transition to a regenerative civilization. Basically it’s my own way of trying to make sense of the world, build connections (such as yourselves), experiment with ideas, and identify a new path forward for my professional time & energy that better aligns with my values.

I’m always open to conversation and collaboration, so feel free to reach out via Twitter ( if you’d like to chat.


Hello wonderful people!!! 100% aligned!

No fancy background here - but that’s who I am:

I am from Greece and have an economics degree because my parents thought “music is a hobby, and you can always do it as a side hustle”.

I’ve been playing music since I was 4 y.o.

All I wanted to do in my life was to become the best drummer in the world.

So, my parents convinced me to study economics.

But I hated it! :slightly_smiling_face:

At the library, while my friends studied for our finance classes, I discovered books on philosophy, psychology, meditation, and entrepreneurship.

This was really important for my mindset shift.

Eventually, I’m grateful that I didn’t become the best drummer in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

When I got my degree I refused to look for a job at a corporation like most of my friends.

I became a waiter, a driver, a salesman…Anything with low education requirements.

These provided me with enough money to survive while educating myself on interesting stuff in my free time.

Two years ago, I got into crypto to become a m/billionaire!


I made some money but then I lost it all :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s the best thing that has ever happened to me!

I saw the potential of this space beyond investment returns.

I still invest! And I still want to make money.

But this space turned me from a speculator into a better thinker, a long-term investor, and a wannabe writer…

…while working at jobs I hate.

But, it all ended at the end of 2022.

I had enough money saved up for 6 months’ runway, so I quit my job to go all-in crypto.

I have no idea how this is going to play out.

What I know, is I can’t risk web3 being the second passion in my life that dies as a side hustle.

I am currently contributing to “FunDAOmental”, exploring alternatives to traditional, rigid, monolithic, hierarchical structures. (D. Schmachtenberger style)

I believe that DAOs are a step towards global coordination based more on values and less on man-made barriers such as origin, sex, sexual orientation, color, etc.

Well, that’s who I am!

I am so grateful to be here.

I’d love to connect with you:


Hi Fam :wave:

I am Max

I contribute to CoW Protocol in the Business Development working group. My background is in Mechanical Engineering, with 7 years of experience in Production Engineering, sales and business development.

I am working on an initiative upholding all the values of our Ecosystem and I would like to seek guidance, feedback and support from the collective expertise.


Peace, beautiful people.

I’m a token engineer in residence. I come from a humble background. I’m a kid from E. St. Louis. with a deep curiosity for art and design. I have an academic background in architecture design, engineering and economics. I got involved with the Bitcoin community pre-ethereum. Around that same time I began reading a lot of the early writings and research of Vitalik Buterin. This inspired me to study economic science and policy.

As a Web3 venture starter I attended Kernel Web3 fellowship, 3rd cohort (KB3). Looking forward to contributing and learning.


Tweet @youngrumi
Discord Rumi #6805


Hi :wave:

My name’s Decaff…

I am the co-founder of – a venture studio that specializes in creating & customizing state-of-the-art Smart Contracts for variety of applications that specifically execute & deliver on your goals. Top-notched workflow, it will perform as expected as well as it’s reliable and highly optimized.

I have a Post-Graduate in Computer Science, 10 years of software engineering leadership experience in Open Source Software and Web Startups.

See you all around the discourse threads. Subscribing to email notifications now.

twitter =>


Hello everyone, everything good?

In this presentation I’m going to do different from all the presentations I’ve done.

Join Forum
gm … my name is … my interest…

I’m going to tell you a little about this journey, which was discovering new ways of being optimistic in the world and seeking, for example, in a world so disenchanted, new ways of financing public goods, new mechanisms of social coordination, a whole new universe for me, which was and it’s getting into the habbit role of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, web3, onchain, whatever you want to call it.

Well, I’m Felipe, you can call me “fcarva”.

I’m 25 years old, I’m Brazilian and I live on an island called Vitória, Espírito Santo. It’s not a Robinson Crusoe island - google it, chatgpt, whatever - but it’s a place that taught me how to live with the ecosystem.

Respect the fishermen, the local community and its traditions - much is culture and ancestral traditions that are transmitted through stories, manners, food, parties. The pleasure of getting around by bicycle and tearing through the city, being able to arrive faster than an Uber - being able to save money on an Uber to pay for the beer.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked to play (Habbo Hotel, Priston, Dota, Magic), which today makes me look at the internet sometimes as nostalgia and sometimes as a dystopian future - Tibia, for example, still attracts new players.

I alternated between online games and the basketball court, I spent a lot of time on that.

I entered the faculty of economics to understand the world, I studied everything there from economic history, game theory, economic growth theory - macroeconomists :thinking: - most of the time dedicated to academia. The university opened the way for me to travel more in Brazil and understand different realities, debates and perspectives.

In my course completion work, I studied the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, a discussion on whether we as a country should make the trade off of the Amazon rainforest versus the development of the energy sector.

When I graduated, I started working with recycled plastic, inspired by the open-source Precious Plastic project. We opened one here in Espírito Santo and started working with environmental education and upcycling of plastic waste.

It was from then on that these new social coordination tools began to connect with projects that I was part of.

I joined a community called surflimpo on the Hive blockchain, started writing posts about my project and earned my first tokens.

After a while I started studying and I’m here today: interested in becoming an onchain data analyst (dune analytics), studying more programming, producing texts and newsletters, starting to translate into Portuguese - a lot of things that are not being talked about.

I am delving into the theme of Refi, retroactive funding, public goods and quadratic funding.

Thank you very much and we will follow this road, if you have any suggestions, feedback, feel free to come and exchange ideas

Let’s go quadratic funding It!


Hi everyone,

MolBio Scientist here. I was shown the rabbit hole by Dr Jocelyn Pearl and Elliot Hershberg in an essay they published called Gassing the Miricle Machine, which I highly recommend. Then I was yanked down by John Paller and Keniv Owocki at ETH Denver this year!!

With two young kids, a full-time day job, and no coding/software experience, outside of being an early adopter archetype, I found it challenging to find time to learn discord/telegram/ dicourse/ dework/ coordnape/ daohaus/ aragon/ notion and everything else you need to know to understand or start contributing to this space. I had no idea how wetbench research was going to fit into this space and felt like a kid trying to time my entrance into a double dutch jump rope.

I am still trying to figure it out (which is why you will see me lurking around everywhere, soaking up as much knowledge as I can), but I hope to Green Pill the University of Colorado, CU Innovations and the newly formed Gates Institute.

85% of NIH money funds research at academic institutions, when IP is developed from this funding, it is owned by the university and licensed by the PI and/or sponsor to get through clinical trials and FDA approval. Essentially, the IP (which was initially funded by taxpayers) is held by universities, licensed by pharma sponsors, and sold back to taxpayers at a premium for 20 years to recoup “R&D” costs.

While developing a grant/funding process that mutually benefits taxpayers, patients, researchers, and the university is still something I want to work on. I have become sidetracked by game theory and coordination games.

The tools being developed as a result of blockchain ethos are enabling, for the first time, fair contributions for collaborative coordination where it is more advantageous to build together than apart. Something academic science and research once had but has lost.

Increasingly Universities are becoming to education what The Church is to spirituality.

This renaissance of how companies/organizations/communities are formed is only getting started. I’d rather live in Kevin Owocki’s dream than Don Elliman’s, so I’m here to make that happen.

Thanks for reading, now let’s get to work!!


Hello everyone,

I am the founder / developer of our new company Blueflow AI. We build products for individuals for a least painful transition path to blockchain powered operating system of the web by providing them with knowledge and skills.

Our goal is to empower people to participate in the web3 ecosystem and take ownership of their digital assets. We understand that there is a steep learning curve associated with this new technology, and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to get started by constant development on our machine learning stack.

We specialize in providing technical knowledge and support to individuals and organizations looking to make the transition to web3. We have expertise in developing ML models and years of exposure to blockchain, defi and NFT’s

Found supermodular through Kevin, and open to ideas and conversations about how to move web3 individuals forward on their journey in decentralized finance.


Hola. I’m Carlos from web3beach. Real job is being a dad, but I’ve become obsessed with using social and environmental impact as an onboarding mechanism and then trying to create circular crypto economies within these communities. Some of my past endeavors include a veggie restaurant, international shuttle connecting Central America and SUP tours - I had no food service experience, drivers license or swim well when I started these :sweat_smile: .

Web3 work includes CMO, biz dev, head of product innovation, and advisor to a bunch of projects that came out of a launchpad/ incubator I worked for. That was all incredibly unfulfilling to I decided to go all in on the impactful side of web3. No ragrets.

Stoked to join here and explore how crypto can regenerate the world, help buidl the degen to regen pipeline and be confused by Owocki’s memes.


Hi everyone! Shah here from the sunshine state of Queensland, Australia. I’m a venture backed founder (financial data intelligence - Finch) and venture partner (early stage VC / accelerator - Skalata). In my down time you’ll find me surfing, teaching yoga, and exploring all kinds of crypto rabbit holes!

I discovered Supermodular/ GreenPill recently and like many of you, wholeheartedly drawn to its ethos of building positive sum, sustainable and regenerative ecosystems through better coordination. I believe this all begins with creating the framework to validate (and fund) regenerative ideas - something we do so poorly in traditional VC. This is why I’m especially drawn to QF in general and the Supermodular SIPS model, and keen to explore where my skills may helpful.

It seems much of the heavy lifting at the moment on these projects is technical, however if there’s an opportunity to help on the non-technical side, I have experience in commercializing, operationalizing and capitalizing early stage companies: business model strategy, go to market, growth, comms, cap raising. On the venture side: deal flow, due diligence and financial analysis. My experience is currently in the web2 world but I’m hoping to change that very quickly.

Can’t wait to connect with all of you and please feel free to get in touch if I can contribute to anything here! :slight_smile: