What is SuperModularity? ⚡️

Modularity is what allows productive endeavors in ecosystems without centralized coordination.

  1. Modularity seperates concerns.
  2. Modules have their own scope + leadership + roadmap.
  3. Modules can interoperate to work together

Supermodular games are those characterized by “strategic complementarities”. In a supermodular ecosystem, one agent’s decision improves the incentives of others. The amount of value created grows exponentially.

This infographic covers this topic in beautiful depth :point_down:


Love the visual. Here is an article discussing some of the first modules we are building to work with the protocol, the anti-sybil legos.

Super helpful and grounded visual explaining this thesis!

It’s also something I’m interested in translating my previous work into (as we went the monolithic route to bring everything together, I am now seeing deep wisdom in the modular route).

Thanks for this. :pray:

we just recorded a podcast on supermodularity! GreenPill: 78 - SuperModularity with Divya Siddarth