Your DAO is a Strange Attractor ✨

In the field of dynamic systems, an attractor is a set of states toward which a system tends to evolve.

(read this post for more on attractors)

4 Types of Attractors

1. Fixed State

The final state that a dynamical system evolves towards corresponds to an attracting fixed point of the evolution function for that system

2. Limit Cycle

A limit cycle is a periodic orbit of a continuous dynamical system that is isolated. (see also: cyclical attractors)


3. Limit torus

Like a Limit Cycle, but also oscillates on a second frequency beyond just the orbital frequency.

4. Strange Attractor

Strange attractors are unique from other phase-space attractors in that one does not know exactly where on the attractor the system will be. The only restriction is that the state of system remain on the attractor



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These are the 4 different types of attractors!


Just for fun

What do the core flows of your DAO (contribution, employment, live your life while employed by the DAO, use the product, use the protocol, hang out with other DAO members) look like?

Is your DAO stable? unstable? is it’s energy increasing, decreasing, or oscillating seasonally?


Is your DAOs mission it’s fixed point? Can each contributor tell you which way to the fixed point, and how we’re going to get there?

How does the attractor reinforce the telos, sacred values of itself? How does it help it’s agents achieve master status in their movement? How does it deal with existential threats?


Is your DAO a strange attractor? a torus? A fixed point?

What are the attractors on each of these vectors? And how do they reinforce (or saboage) each other?

TLDR what type of attractor is your DAO?


I’m betting that most DAOs out there, like most social systems ( complex systems ) look like a strange attractor .

But I have a hunch that many of these strange attractors can be represented as being composed of multiple more simple attractors. Put another way, many SuperAttractors can be understood to have several SubAttractors. Ergo, if you can start to measure, isolate, + engineer SubAttractors… you can use that topology to engineer a stronger attractor.

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When visualizing DAOs as strange attractors… it’s interesting to think about fixed point attractors upwards or downwards in competence… Upward spirals between mutually reinforcing elements of the attractor can be very powerful.

3 stages of DAO evolution, visualized over time as a strange attractor

(was picturing ENS/RPL as i modeled this one)

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