Visualizing Protocols as Strange Attractors 🪐

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Proof of Stake as a Aizawa Attractor

Proof of Stake is cheaper to attack than to defend because proof of stake node operators stake capital + then run validators in order to protect that capital + the Ethereum network.

This enables a tight attractor for capital in the center secured by the algorithm to flow… protected by the POS capital.

Uniswap as a Lorenz Attractor

Capital in the Uniswap ecosystem is attracted to

  1. Liquidity Provider positions - which store tokens in an AMM
  2. Token Trading - in which users trade against the LPs to turn token X into token Y

Kleros as a Rössler attractor

Kleros, the decentralized court system, kind of resembles as Rössler attractor. Capital is attracted to derive some sort of truth by entering into a Kleros case, and most disputes are resolved in the primary attraction loop. But if a case is hard it can be pushed through several levels of disputes & appeals.

Gitcoin Grants as a Halvorsen attractor.

Capital rotates between

  1. Round Operators - who want to stimulate ecosystem development by allocating funds to what matters
  2. Grant Owners - who want to stimulate growth and funding of their projects
  3. Crowdfunders - who want to discover and fund what matters

Gitcoin Passport as a TSUCS1 attractor

With staking enabled in Gitcoin Passport + a good stamp verification system, a sybil resistent economy becomes cheaper to defend, then Passport may become a good attractor for sybil resistence.

Note: this sybil resistent attractor resembles the Proof of Stake as a Aizawa Attractor, but with less capital and a more complicated oracle problem + slashing conditions.