New Build: Bulk Uploader for Gitcoin Grants Registry

In the review of Metacamp 2023 QF Round, I wrote

TLDR - At Metacamp, we were able to upload everyone into the grants registry by mechanical turk-ing it (having humans brute force apply for all the grants)

This was a rather inefficient way to get the grants into the round, so @carlb and I have been working to automate it.

With that preface out of the way, I present you with our latest build out!

Bulk Uploader for Gitcoin Grants Registry

What: Using this tool, a round-manager can upload a CSV: + apply for grants in a round.
Why: It is currently cumbersome to upload projects to a Gitcoin Grants Registry
Watch the demo video for more
How: See below:

Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 4.09.05 PM

Demo: (use at your own risk)
Demo Video: Gitcoin Grants Round Manager -- Batch Uploader - Demo Video - YouTube


Love this new use case and build! One thing to noodle on – have you thought about how to mitigate spam submissions? Given that the tool makes it so easy to upload applications, we could potentially see a higher rate of fraud/spam.

I have not. The use case that we used this for (metacamp), we were both the applier and the reviewer, so it was not an issue.

It seems like spam applications could be an issue with all Allo rounds, but that this tool just magnifies that issue. Off the top of my head, perhaps one way to mitigate spam would be to ask grant applicants to stake some tokens on their applications legitimacy. If they are rejected, then the round manager could decide to either return the tokens (for an honest mistake) or send the tokens to the matching pool.

Yep all makes sense. Excited to see it working for your use case and to see where it goes!