SIP Cohort 2 Opportunity 4:

Hypercerts are a tool to build scalable retrospective reward systems for impact.

Hypercerts are like carbon credits, but on any impact vector. While carbon credits are not perfect, they allow to reward projects for positive outcomes retrospectively, i.e. when these outcomes are observable. hypercerts enable this for other impact areas, such as education, healthcare, AI safety and open source software.

I’m really excited about the idea that any ImpactDAO could now have a business model by simply selling hypercerts!

To do so, we’d need to bootstrap a triple sided marketplace of

  1. Impact Creators - issue hypercerts
  2. Impact Purchasers - purchase hypercerts
  3. Impact Evaluators - evaluate the legitimacy of hypercerts (or classes of hypercerts)

Checkout to see more about this project.

Relevant Greenpill episodes:


id love to build an app called on hypercerts: · Issue #23 · supermodularxyz/supermodules · GitHub

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another opportunity i see is how to use hypercerts to create a decentralized immune system against web3 scams.

hypercerts are nominally for tracking only positive impact, but what if we tracked them for negative externalities (things like polluters or rugs)


Played around with the Hypercerts and here:

@cerv1 :eyes: read Hypercerts so just tagged you hehe

Really interested in how this standard develops. I think it may help make the financial incentives web3 projects operate on more discrete and sustainable. Rather than align the incentives solely to marketing and hype - align it to verifiable delivery of outcomes. Benchmark the level of liquidity token creators have to exit based on their git commit history and delivery to project objectives

Tools like are very common in corp environments. But the irony is when you leave the job, you commonly lose access to the software that hosted that expression of gratitude.

a very solid effort! we should hook you up with @larecristina who is working on the frontend for this along with @octanaiv

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