The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread

I am posting this thread to say hi to folks. I encourage others to do this same.

Hi :wave:

I am Kevin Owocki…

I am the founder/CEO of – a venture studio that has launched KERNEL, buildbox, and Gitcoin — Gitcoin has delivered $72mm worth of value to OSS devs in the last several years.

I have a BS in Computer Science, 20 years of engineering leadership experience in Open Source Software and Web Startups. Kevin is a community organizer in the Boulder Colorado Tech Scene…

See you all around the discourse threads. Subscribing to email notifications now.

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I’m Morten, and I work with Owocki & Co. at supermodular. Formerly with Gitcoin I ran the hackathons biz, and continue to do so for supermodular with our new hackathons product buidlbox(.io) (soon :tm:).

I have been in crypto a couple cycles, and I worked as a product manager & innovation and strategy advisor for corporate tech in the fields of blockchain, AI/ML, AR/VR and IoT until I joined the metaverse full time. My background is in engineering and have a masters in tech entrepreneurship.

Other than that i enjoy going to the gym, video games and of course cryptotwitter; @Death_and_TXs. hmu!


gm all!

I’m Rachael, and I work at Supermodular - focusing primarily on people, HR, and admin. My background ranges from higher education and student/leadership development to recruiting and HR… and, more recently, web3 people ops! I’ve been in crypto now for a whole year (!), which I’ve realized is long enough to really learn how much more I have to learn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like silly jokes, putting enough creamer in my coffee so it no longer tastes like coffee, and providing spaces for people to learn and laugh. Come find me on twitter and teach me something!

Catch ya in a supermodule :eyes:


Hello everyone :grinning:

My name is Popescu Razvan and I am a web3 native citizen since early 2019 and founder of the NFBeez. - an open, experimental and bottoms up collaborative NFT project based on assisting real web3 orgs by visualizing their brands in a fun way.

I have a BS in telecomm engineering, but I am a creative also. My life has always been about balancing these two in retrospective. I have some creative passions and hobbies, one of them is fashion illustrations and one of my goals if to revitalize/reinvent merch in web3.

Joined DAOs before I knew what they are. I worked and am still part of some DAOs which I’ve considered to be real regen/positive impact or crucial to web3s success( Uma, Tec, 1Hive and ofc Gitcoin DAO). For over a year I have worked for the FDD and lead that Grant Eligibility team for 6 months, mainly reviewing and investigating cgrants on In 4 seasons grant investigations saved over 1m$.

My passions are basketball, drawing, science, desci, consciousness and nature+ sum amateur bird watching :bird:


Hoping to learn more about supermodular and even help build a more “creative” or “social” supermodule.



I’m Adam - Chief Architect and co-founder of Toucan Protocol, and Senior Architect at Panther Protocol, which as I learned from @owocki in Paris, makes me both a solarpunk and lunarpunk :grin:

I’ve been a passionate contributor to Free & Open Source Software since about 1995, and for me web3 is by far the most exciting and promising technological innovation since web1, which was the most significant innovation since the invention of the GPL long before that. To me, those three milestones feel like strongly related evolutionary steps in human coordination. I look forward to seeing how Supermodular and the rise of DAOs take advantage of these to finally exploit the full power of the web and open collaboration!

Since we’re sharing other personal passions, I’m also an occasional professional musician, although that has suffered a bit recently given the pandemic and doing my best to support two startups while not getting chucked off the back of the screaming freight train which is the relentlessly fast-moving world of blockchain!

My 1995-era web page has all the links to my socials etc.


Hi Kevin, hello SuperModular people :wave:

I’m a professional engineer drawn to complex adaptive systems. All the systems that matter most to our future health and well-being are complex and adaptive. These systems also include people of course, so I’ve been an avid student of the social sciences for the past decade.

I really got into the web at the close of the 90s. I helped launch Firefox into Europe, and ran the UK’s PayPal equivalent back when PayPal was only available in the US. I have been an official UK champion of IPv6, convened the UK’s first Internet of Things conference, and developed an architecture for decentralizing the UI. A low/highlight was being threatened with breaching the Computer Misuse Act by a UK government department for ‘liberating’ UK flood data. Five years later, a company doing the same thing won an inaugural prize from the Open Data Institute. Progress!

I was contacted by the Ethereum Foundation pre-ICO on the back of writing about DAOs, and I worked with Ethereum co-founder Mihai Alisie for four years at the AKASHA Foundation. I have developed some expertise the digital mediation and augmentation of human identity, and how that differs in not insubstantial ways from today’s digital identity protocols and systems. See

I’m looking forward to learning more about SuperModular and contributing where I can. :heart_eyes:


Hey there,

I am Bob Jiang
I am Bitcoin maxi, freelancer, GitcoinDAO steward, ENSDAO ecosystem steward, Eth China community evangelist, etc.
I focus on tech community setup/foster, helped several eth communities like rebase network, dapp learning, hiblock, etc.

Find me here:
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hi all! I’m taka.

Previously I was running a govtech company in japan. Civichat was a chatbot for the public, people can find eligible public welfare services, like national insurance and each subsidy. But, we couldn’t find a way to make money.
Digital Public Goods work with local government in Japan is still difficult. it was failed.

Recently, I’ve been building DeCartography, a social graph oracle for Plurality. Probably it’s can integrate with a supermodular ecosystem.

more details is here: Decentralized social graph as an oracle powered by the wisdom of the crowd for the era of Plurality - 🧙 🧙‍♀️ Ideas and Open Discussion - Gitcoin Governance

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Hey all. I think I’ll be hanging around here a bit so I might as well introduce myself.

My background started in nuclear engineering but quickly shifted to tech entrepreneurship when I realized I could learn much more quickly. I’ve built and scaled several startups in the Web2 space. At first focusing on how to fix the art world by making it more accessible and then how to create more access around education by helping school teachers and then software developers in Africa. Most recently I’m coming off a stint of building culture at Asana and am getting back to my roots as an entrepreneur. I’ve become enamored with what Web3 can do for the collective commons and aligning communities towards shared purposes.

The fun crypto story I like to tell about myself is that I had one bitcoin in 2009 and was about to build my first mining rig since I was really into building hardware at the time. I talked myself out of my legit interest in the space and left it behind for more socially understood opportunities. That wallet is long gone but is a wonderful lesson to me in trusting my instincts on what I find interesting.

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Octavian here, visual designer at supermodular. 21 years as amateur designer, 17 as a professional, 6 in crypto.

The Foundation
My blood, breath and sweat are all about design, art, photography and anything connect to what eyes can see and interpret.

I am here for both the individuals and the community, the ethics and the “physics” of crypto.

I love linguistics and etimology (I speak 4 languages and have knowledge and understanding of many more), architecture, art, history, weather, geopolitics, travelling and movement of people, film and digital photography, drawing, reading (mostly fantasy and graphic novels), skateboarding, craft beer (except sours).

You can and can’t find me here:


oooh i didnt know this about you - which languages?

@octanaiv did the amazing work on Educational Infographics :eyes: :framed_picture:


gm gm everyone!:wave:t3:

I am Madhav a teen from India learning and building in web3! Always down to talk about rollups,zk and ethereum research! am one of the founding Builders of Dream DAO and have been in the Gitcoin public Goods Workstream :national_park: for a while Greenpilling folks wherever I can.

Researching In Refi and the solana ecosystem rn.
Discord - madhavg#4168

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I am Puncar a Co-founder of Bankless Consulting, a core contributor in GitcoinDAO and Llama, and currently working with @owocki as a co-author of How To DAO book (2023).

I started the blockchain journey in 2017 as part of EY Blockchain team as Product and Program manager, running multiple global teams to build and open-source successful products such as Nightfall which is currently integrated into Polygon. after that I became a meta-governance ambassador for INDEX coop and was recognized delegate on Maker.

I am planning to run half iron-man this year and I am also a passionate skier and Catan player.


Romanian, English, Hungarian, Polish (in this order)


Hello :vulcan_salute:

I am Daniele. I am a software engineer and wantrepreneur currently working at Gitcoin on the grants protocol.

My background is as full stack dev. Been doing this for a while and I worked at a few different Web2 companies over the years, the last two being Amazon and FB/Meta. In March 2022 (yep, I’m new to crypto) I went down the Web3 rabbit hole and immediately joined the BuidlGuidl. That is what lead me to Gitcoin in the end :slight_smile:

Find me here:

twitter | lens | github | blog

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