Wild Sherpas Project Plan

There is an initiative (soon DAO) by my friends combining the core values of Ethereum, I want to request your expertise, insights and feedback as we are doing this for the first time.


Wild Sherpas is a sustainable tourism business that provides camping experiences in the midst of lush green forests and is surrounded by prominent mountains. The main mission is to promote eco-tourism and educate guests about the fragility of receding Biodiversity and conservation. While providing a unique and memorable experience for the guests. We understand the Ethos, Values & Philosophy of this space & we are taking our first step with a humble beginning. We have seen numerous experiments and then there are Hype-based extraction funnels with no legit value added to the ecosystem. Our project aims to be in alignment with the Values that CypherPunks upheld and fought for. We are thinking of this project as an intersection of Nature, Culture, Art and Crypto in a meaningful way. The basic idea is to launch a yield-generating NFT project that will be the Universal Membership pass, we are combining DeFi elements with Art, Nature & the most important “Social Layer”

NFT Mechanism (Initial draft TLDR)

Two Tiers of NFTs

  • Tier 1 (~25$)

• NFT represents a redeemable voucher for a single stay (with 2 meals and one short guided trek).
• Each NFT mint will plant a tree.
• % of royalties will go to Gitcoin & Giveth
• % fund dedicated to supporting deserving Artists
• Art & Craft Exhibitions by Artists (free of cost)
• Holders can conduct Crypto meetups at the property (Free Entry for their community, PS: Pay for stay & food for folks who want to stay the night)
• Other Partners’ utilities & perks

  • Tier 2 (~500-700$)

Holders will have
• % of Royalties from tier 1 NFT trades • % of Royalties from Tier 2 NFT trades
• 10 Trees to be planted per NFT mint
• % of royalties to Gitcoin & Protocol Guild
• % of the amount raised to support DAOs focused on (Free speech, Protocol Guild, Climate & Sustainability)
• Redeemable for stay with food (Free of cost for 30 days max)
• Retroactive Rewards distribution to holders from Ecosystem Partners
• All utilities of Tier 1 to be included
• Wild Sherpas are fully operational with all the Infrastructure and without any financial Liabilities. We plan to distribute its Profit % to Tier 2 NFT holders

Ethos Initiatives

Wild Sherpas will run Ethereum & Gnosis Nodes, accept crypto payments, and a Dex widget on the website with Onramp/Offramp integration.

Immediate objective for Roadmap

Build Remote workers’ hub with crucial infrastructure for the home office hybrid.

Along the line…

  • Fund educational expenses for Tribal children.
  • Physical and Digital platforms for Artisans to showcase their work (Artists, Authors, Sculptors, Crafters etc) Future plans (Immediate steps for Roadmap)
  • Waste management initiative (bins and collection service to recycling plants)
  • EV charging Stations + food trucks (Right now we have only one EV charging station in the region)
  • Support Women empowerment initiatives