QV Mobile Game 💡

Here is an idea for a new form factor for Quadratic Voting that Austin and I came up with

a burner wallet in action

A QV Mobile Game that takes place at a live event, powered by burner wallets.

  1. Users who attend an event receive a burner wallet pre-loaded with 100 QV tokens. One person per wallet.
  2. Users are instructed to send tokens to whomever they think is a legit builder during the event. Through the event, users can send QV tokens to one another by using the burner wallet send functionality.
  3. At the end of the event, a QV round of 2,000 DAI is paid out. Each QV transaction gets matched quadratically by the DAI.

This QV Mobile Game could be used in the following scenarios:

  1. To measure the organic legitimacy of conference participants.
  2. As a fun/easy way to dropping tokens on conference attendees.
  3. In a “demo day” or “demo booth” kind of environment, it could be used as way of measuring which demos are most legit.
  4. As a way of speedrunning collusion attacks to see how they organically develop across conference participants

I want to build this.

I want to see something like this built. If you are a builder with experience with Burner Wallets and Grants Protocol, pls get in touch kevin@supermodular.xyz or Owocki#1337 on the gitcoin discord.


Such a fun idea! Love the idea of dropping tokens into burner wallets that can be spent during an event. Would also be cool to see what kind of feeds and leaderboards could be built on this data.

I would be interested in helping out with building this!

Recorded a quick demo of the flow:

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uset his at https://qf-flash.vercel.app. recap at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WfCqM-M0_Q

pilot round stats